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We provide three lines of defense to prevent, insure and respond to cyber threats. Cyber protection made easy.
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Cyber Security in 3 steps

Try our risk assessment 
to determine your company’s risk.
We provide tools and training to your employees so they don't fall victim to hackers.
You will receive 24/7 cyber attack support and broad
cyber coverage.

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Risk Assessment
To understand
your company’s
hacking risks.
The Plan
Per employee
plus as little as $100 a month
The best cyber protection in the market at a price you can afford
Broad Cyber Coverage, approved by regulators

Key Features

Phishing Simulation
Automated weekly attack simulation for real-life assessment and training.
Public WiFi Protection
Surf the web as safely at your local coffee shop as you do at your office.
Inbox Protection
Flag and mark phishing emails as they arrive in your inbox. Works with Gmail, and Outlook365.
Website & Content Filter
Keep your employees on the sites they should be on.
Password Manager
Remember a single password to make surfing easier and secure.
Cyber Liability Insurance
Get cyber coverage to address liability, forensics, system restoration, business interruption, and more.
Full Internet Protection
Stops malicious code such as cryptocurrency miners and ransomware from downloading.
24/7 Cyber Remediation
Contact our team of cyber experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you get hacked.

Cyber Protection
Made Easy.

Paladin makes it easy to uncover cyber weaknesses across your business and shore up your defenses in a few easy steps.

Roll out our all-in-one chrome extension, assign training, and get readiness reports all in just a few clicks. Running a business has enough challenges. Making sure your company is secured shouldn't be one of them.

Why our customer love us

We make cyber security understandable and easy
Gianmarco Franco
"I'm a huge fan of Paladin Shield. I'm no longer the 'bad guy' telling everyone in my 400 person company why it's so important to protect your information. Paladin's Training drives the point home and because of the automated emails and reminders I don't even have to think about it"