Keep hackers out of your browser with
the most comprehensive protection!

All-in-one Solution

Phishing Email Filter

No one can spot a phishing email like we do.
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Public WiFi Connection

Make your coffee shop visits secure again.
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Website & content filter

Keeps you focused on the sites you should be on at work. Keeps you protected from the sites that might get you in trouble.
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XSS Protection

This is a bad one, trust us. Just know you're safe from it.
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Password Manager

Remember a single password to make your life easier and more secure.
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Email Filter.

91% of successful hacking attempts start with phishing. No one spots phishing emails like Paladin. We protect your inbox by calling out malicious attempts so you don't get hacked.

Our non-intrusive user experience provides a seamless integration with Google and Microsoft. You’ll only notice it when a potential attack hits your inbox.

The phishing email reporting button will trigger Paladin's automated response engine, keeping you secure from any similar emails in the future.

We constantly monitor the web for malicious emails keeping you safe. The more emails you report, the more our engine learns, and the better we protect you.
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Wifi Protection.

Coffee shops can have hackers lurking behind every cappuccino. Stop the bad guys with Paladin's ultra-secure wifi protection.

Did you know, 12% of Americans have had their financial data stolen after shopping online? Our public wifi protection prevents you from becoming part of that statistic.

Leveraging the latest cloud architecture, we go beyond securing your wifi. We even improve the average speed of your web traffic. If you happen to click a malicious link leading to a phishing website we’ll catch it and redirect you back to safety.
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Website & 
Content filter

Keep your employees focused on the good stuff, work. Also protect them from sites that can look like Google, but are actually harmful hackers imitating the real site.

This filter prevents users from accessing all phishing websites along with non-work appropriate sites.

99% of known threats are blocked by our filter.
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XSS a.k.a. cross-site-script attacks are dangerous and complicated. We stop these attempts dead in their tracks and report back to Paladin and the authorities to take them down..

Script attacks can steal your company's information or even destroy your database completely.

XSS is scary. It’s the 3rd most prevalent vulnerability, which can affect up to 50% of websites. Even worse most of the attacks are silenced so you won’t know you’re hit until it’s too late.
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The Paladin Gauntlet comes with a password manager securely stores all of your online passwords in one place. It generates one master password, applicable anywhere and accessible anytime.

Boost your Online Security:

  • 65% of employees use a single password among all applications. If you’re going to use one, make sure it’s a strong one - Paladin Gauntlet strength. 

Simplify your life:

  • Securely store and manage a master list of passwords. A foolproof way to never forget your password.
  • When you start to add new passwords or sign up on new sites, we recommend a more secure password and generate them for you.

Access Everywhere:

  • The Paladin Password Manager can be installed on any computer or laptop.
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