Cyberattacks are increasingly complex.
Protecting your company is easy.



Paladin Citadel

An easy-to-use cybersecurity suite that enables smaller businesses to effectively protect their technology and people.
Software Protection
Inbox Defender
Scans email messages for malicious links, signs of phishing, and other danger.
Platforms Supported
Gmail / Outlook Desktop / Outlook Online
  • Analyzes text with artificial intelligence for signs of social engineering
  • Displays analysis results in plain English to reduce user fatigue
  • Includes a tuned detection engine with low false positive rate, minimizing false alarms
Software Protection
Browser Defense
Harden your browser against rogue code, malicious sites, and inappropriate content.
Platforms Supported
Chrome / Firefox
  • Stops URL based XSS attacks
  • Blocks users from navigating to phishing, drive-by-download, and malware infested sites
  • Stop users from visiting porn, gambling, malware and other not suitable for work websites
  • Includes company level whitelist/blacklist controls for administrators
  • Includes visibility into individual user actions without feeling intrusive
Software Protection
Public WiFi Encryption
Keep sensitive data secure by encrypting your data and passwords while you connect from untrusted wifi.

  • Wraps all unencrypted HTTP traffic in HTTPS
  • Includes a split tunnel technology that allows all native HTTPS traffic to go directly to their destination
  • Does not slow down your internet
  • Includes a company level override control for administrators
Software Protection
Password Manager
Enable your employees to use complex passwords with ease to improve account security.

  • Secured by military grade AES-256 encryption
  • Generate strong passwords locally with one click
  • We do not store a "backdoor" key so your passwords can only be unlocked by you
Cyber University
Phishing Simulations
Test your employees with simulated phishing attacks to assess and improve how they handle real-world threats.

  • Works "out of the box"
  • Over 65 templates of emails parodying the most commonly used SaaS services
  • Customize frequency and templates to suit the needs of your company
  • For each test, see results broken down by user, action, and template
Cyber University
Security Awareness Training
Give your employees critical knowledge on how to identify phishing emails or malicious content.
All browsers
  • Educate with short bite-sized modules
  • Deliver easy to follow actionable tips
  • Track completion and compliance across your company
Cyber University
Cyber Expertise
Get help improving your company's cyber resiliency.

  • Includes a free cyber risk consultation with expert
  • Receive a security improvement plan tailored for your business
  • Get access to regular webinars on key security topics