Hello, world. We are Paladin Cyber. Cyber protection made easy.

We are democratizing cyber protection and making high quality cyber security measures and protections attainable for everyone.

Today we take our first step in that process, launching our powerful Paladin Browser Protection for Chrome. The new extension comes with a slew of offerings to keep your browser and inbox protected. Rather than functioning like a band-aid for when the problem occurs like so many other cyber security companies, we are taking a more forward-facing approach and preventing the problem from ever arising.

Paladin Cyber started as the brainchild of Han Wang, spurred from an idea he had while deployed in Iraq and the Middle-East assessing computer and network infrastructure for security weaknesses across bases. Han saw existing Cyber Protection as missing the mark for small businesses and believed that he could take the same level of cyber security protocols and apply them to tools for small businesses, while also providing on-demand remediation all backstopped by insurance. When back stateside, Han was introduced to Daniel Bilbao, the former VP of Business Development at Beepi.

One of the products that we began building was a cyber protection tool suite for employers to give to their employees. The tool would help mitigate the risk of being hacked. We also provided remediation services, that was backstopped by a cyber insurance policy. Our chrome extension was built with NSA level encryption and security measures, and we realized that we couldn’t just let this chrome extension hide behind a wall only for small businesses.

Once we had tested our chrome extension extensively, we decided to take our mission of making cyber protection easy for the little guy, and extend it to consumers by offering our Paladin Browser Protection for Chrome to the general consumer, free of charge. As consumers and internet users we are often at risk of being hacked, even when we don’t necessarily realize it. Add to that the fact that most available tools out there are only band-aids, inherently incomplete, or act as medicine, so we built a tool that was a vaccine, allowing internet users to be safer than ever. Paladin Browser Protection for Chrome provides protection against the top 5 consumer vulnerabilities:

  • Weak passwords
  • Unsecured public WiFi
  • Phishing emails and websites
  • Unsafe content
  • XSS attacks

Cyber protection is completely necessary but unnecessarily complex. Making sure you’re secured and covered takes time, patience and a lot of financial resources. But it doesn’t have to. Our overall mission is to protect SMBs from modern security threats in a comprehensive, easy to use package. We prevent breaches with military grade tools and training, rapidly resolve issues when they occur, and insure against financial loss to keep businesses running.

We are here to make your lives more cyber secure. We look forward to protecting you.