What Is Cyber Protection As A Service

Gone are the days when simply having a cyber insurance policy and maybe an anti-virus was good enough to keep a business protected. As cyber threats increase, the need for a full suite of protection has become ever more important. That is where the idea of “Cyber Protection As A Service” comes in.

You wouldn’t simply go climb a mountain. You would make sure you had the right equipment, make sure you were trained, and make sure you had a guide with you. This is Cyber Protection As A Service in a nutshell.

Cyber Protection As A Service encompasses all areas of cyber protection for businesses, making sure that they are mitigating their risk on all fronts. This is accomplished by providing all areas of coverage, not just an insurance plan..

Because of this, it is important to understand all the necessary parts of services that are required to go in conjunction with a cyber policy.

Services are a Necessary Part of Cyber Insurance

Any policy pricing and terms are based on characteristics and behaviors under the insured’s control. And with Cyber this is no different. But treating Cyber as a service, not just an insurance product, makes mitigation of that risk vastly easier.

When you think about what makes a policyholder safe in their car, its easy to understand what makes them safe in the cyber world as well. All of the tools and services offered to a driver, whether they are safety features in their car, driving courses, maintenance, all make them much safer as a driver. The same is exactly true for cyber protection for small businesses. Without taking necessary precautions to mitigate cyber risk, businesses are potentially increasing their risk. Understanding that increased risk and what tools they can use to address it is good for all parties involved.

Because of how cyber security threats are growing, it is important to understand that for a company to be secured against hackers they need to do more than simply have a cyber insurance policy in place. Companies need to make use of tools, remediation services and training in order to keep their businesses safe. Even with an insurance plan in place, a business will face downtime in the event of being hacked. Downtime for your client means a loss of money for them. By understanding this massive risk, businesses will be more attuned to the idea that they need to make sure they are secured in more ways than one.

What Services Should Be Paired With A Cyber Policy

A comprehensive cyber security plan will include at least the following services on top of their cyber insurance plan.

Cyber Protection Tools

  • What they are: Cyber protection tools are software tools that help plug up vulnerabilities of companies.

  • Why they are important: You wouldn’t drive a car without a seatbelt, so why would you use a computer without the proper protections? Cyber protection tools are important in helping reduce your risk as a company at the computer level.

Cyber Security Training

  • What it is: Cyber security training provides training to employees and business owners on how to properly identify risks, respond to them, and avoid them.

  • Why it is important: Awareness of security risks goes a long way in increasing prevention. Take that a step further getting trained on how to recognize and respond to attacks can lower your risk to as little as 5%

Cyber Remediation Services

  • What it is: Cyber remediation is when a team of experienced cyber professionals come in and basically “unhack” a system. They identify any malware on the system, identify what was accessed by the hacker, remove malware and hacker access points, recover as much data as possible if it has been lost, verify system integrity and report the incident to the proper authorities if need be.  

  • Why it is important: When a system is breached, time is of the essence. Your clients need to be able to get in touch with someone right away to reduce the risk of any lasting damages. Having a team that your clients can contact at anytime will help them recover quicker and easier in the event that there is ever a breach of their system.

When it comes to applying the Cyber Protection as a service mindset, it's important to understand that it is what is best for a business. Ultimately, making sure that it are as covered as possible helps all parties involved. It reduces their risk, protects their clients and protects their finances. A win-win across the board.

If a business is aiming to mitigate their cyber risk, they are already on the right path to peace of mind, providing them with all their options and making sure all areas of their business is secure will keep the happy for years to come. No one wants to get hacked, so don't let your clients get hacked either.